Everything Right Is Wrong Again


They Might Be Giants were right.

Ever look at something that is apparently empirically true, yet still shake your head in disbelief. That’s me – this morning – looking at this article. Continue reading



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This is what guilt looks like

“Some men are born to blog. Others have blogging thrust upon them.”

– Socrates or maybe Seth Godin (note: need to look this up)

Today, I gained a new follower on my blog. I’ve now traded messages with her, and she seems nice. But if blogging is about being “of the moment,” I have no idea why someone would follow me now. Continue reading


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Groupon: Stunt or Stupidity?

Like many media-obsessed folks, I was on Twitter during the Super Bowl watching the critique of the ads in real time. Much of what I was seeing came from people in marketing or social media. And the 140-character limit made for necessarily succinct reviews. There was disagreement and some spirited banter. That is, until the Groupon ad ran. Continue reading


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The Roy With The Thorn In His Side

Maybe the best career path to being a college basketball coach is through marketing. Follow me here. If you’re in marketing, you’re at least used to criticism and second guessing. Being the target of blame and derision. Unlike some coaches who shall remain nameless. Like Roy Williams. Continue reading

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How About a Stimulus Plan for Marketing?

U.S. businesses are sitting on unprecedented amounts of capital right now. In many sectors, business has generally come back enough to make a little money. Not enough to hire people again. And certainly not enough to spend some of it on marketing. Perish the thought! Continue reading


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Know When To Fold ‘Em

The sage Kenny Rogers was full of great advice. But none was better than “…know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.” That bit of knowledge is crucial in nearly every aspect of life. Whether you’re gambling with men packing pistols, running a floundering NFL franchise or assembling a marketing plan. Continue reading

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The Gap’s Gaffe Tastes Like New Coke

I suppose there are two ways to look at The Gap’s logo flip-flop. One view is that the company really listened to their customers and the graphic arts community at large and wasn’t too proud to admit they made a mistake. I’ve seen quite a few articles that take this stand. And this could very well be the case. On the other hand I have two words for you: New Coke.

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