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Groupon: Stunt or Stupidity?

Like many media-obsessed folks, I was on Twitter during the Super Bowl watching the critique of the ads in real time. Much of what I was seeing came from people in marketing or social media. And the 140-character limit made for necessarily succinct reviews. There was disagreement and some spirited banter. That is, until the Groupon ad ran. Continue reading



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The Gap’s Gaffe Tastes Like New Coke

I suppose there are two ways to look at The Gap’s logo flip-flop. One view is that the company really listened to their customers and the graphic arts community at large and wasn’t too proud to admit they made a mistake. I’ve seen quite a few articles that take this stand. And this could very well be the case. On the other hand I have two words for you: New Coke.

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My Top 5 Marketing Myths

Every so-called marketing expert has their list of myths about marketing. I’ve seen a bunch of them. And most of them are eerily familiar. But here’s a few that I don’t see mentioned very often. They are simple, preventable, and all too prevalent. For me, these are the ones that, when I hear them from a client, I know I have some educating to do. Mythbusting, if you will.

5.  We have to be in (insert client’s favorite media here).

Not necessarily. Especially with the emergence of social media, the changes in how television and radio are delivered, the decline of print media readership…I could go on and on. The landscape just isn’t the same now as it was even a few years ago. And any good media planner will tell you, even a good medium can price itself into undesirability. For example, do you have to be in the weekend edition of the local newspaper if you’re in real estate? Not if you can reach your audience more efficiently in other ways. The only exception I can think of off-hand is a directional billboard for a brick-and-mortar retail establishment that counts on warm-bodied traffic. But even that is changing with the advent of GPS-enabled phones as well as Foursquare, Gowalla and other location-based apps. Bottom line: there is a smart way and a foolish way to spend any amount of money – especially marketing funds. And it’s not always best spent in the clients personal favorite form of media. Continue reading

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