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Chevy – Poster Child for Sexism?

What a gorgeous bit is nostalgia from Chevrolet! Or whatever this is trying to be. Especially in tough economic times like these, I like to think about the possible target audiences. Even for a poster, which is not technically advertising. Continue reading



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Toyota: Finally An American Auto Company

Not a ToyotaA visit from company President Akio Toyoda notwithstanding, Toyota has gone out of its way to assimilate into the American automobile culture. First, they gave us the (seemingly) ever-present “Toyota-thon.” A flashy, sparkly and very American-styled sale. For years prior to that, the Japanese car companies chuffed at the very notion of a sale. But Toyota saw an opportunity to take over the lucrative American market. That meant that they would sacrifice a little Japanese brand equity for more sales. They, quite literally, “sold out.”

Next came trucks. And not the little 4-cylinder jobs. The big guns! Half-ton and larger. Here they saw an opportunity to circumvent the Ford versus Chevy conversation by building their own big truck. They started slowly, but eventually sales would overtake Chrysler and threaten Ford. Continue reading


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