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Facebook Users Motives: Pure Or Purely Human?

Facebook has become the darling of the social media marketing set largely based on the size of the audience and the relative cost to advertise to subsets of that audience. Now that Twitter has jumped into the fray with ads, time will tell which model will prevail. But I must say I look suspiciously at the results of studies like this done by the Michigan-based firm Morpace.

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Effective Marketing and Autism: More In Common Than You’d Think

At its heart, marketing is about communication. Autism, too, is about communication. But not just any communication. Because those around us with autism have enormous challenges with expressive and receptive language. So when you’re communicating with an individual with autism, it’s best to have a particular sense of focus and purpose. In fact, many of the lessons we can learn from those challenges would serve us well as marketers in any setting. Continue reading


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My Tampon Ad Post. Really.

Ok. I’ll be the first to admit it. I don’t know much about tampons. Never really needed to, being a guy. I’ll even admit that, when tampon commercials come on TV, I don’t generally watch. Let’s face it. I’m just not their market.

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