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Decide To Volunteer

There are a million reasons not to volunteer in your community. But the best one I’ve ever heard is probably the most honest. “I don’t want to.” And if you don’t want to – don’t. But I want you to want to.

A few years ago, I was working on a web site design with a local non-profit. One of the contributors was a guy I only corresponded with via e-mail. I struggled a bit as to how he should be a part of the project. He wasn’t really a designer. He wasn’t a programmer. He knew a little HTML and that was about it. But he was more enthusiastic than anyone I knew. He was always coming up with ideas of how to make something better, more engaging and more accessible. Even so, he wasn’t very fast with his tasks and I was worried about how much I could count on him. I approached the director of the organization who told me why he was slow. He is a quadriplegic. Everything he does on the computer, he had to do with his eyes. He volunteered because “he wanted to give something back.” Continue reading



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