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It’s Not Easy Being Green-ish

I’ve seen broad terms like “green marketing” and “sustainable marketing” tossed around with very little explanation as to what they really mean. To remedy that, Mamie Patton’s excellent redux can be found here.

So if we accept these definitions, my question is: How much value do these movements have in the greater marketing scheme? Continue reading



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Crystal Ball Check: How will companies attract top talent when the employment paradigm shifts?

lightbulbSo, I hear the economy is turning around. Indicators are indicating. Pundits are…punding. And we’re also being told that the last facet of the economy to rebound will be the jobs. The conventional wisdom (horribly over-simplified for effect) goes like this:

  • ACME Manufacturing’s orders slow down due to the sluggish economy.
  • ACME lays off workers.
  • Economy slows down more.
  • ACME lays off more workers.
  • (Insert more of the same here.)
  • Economy begins to heat up.
  • Orders grow at ACME, but current workforce keeps pace.
  • Economy continues to heat up.
  • ACME is not able to keep pace any more, and is forced to add to their workforce.

And…scene! Continue reading


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