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Kenmore Rebranding – Risky Business

Betsy Owens, Kenmore vp and general manager, is saying all the right things. Reading this article in which Elaine Wong from Brandweek interviews Ms. Owens about Sears’ decision to rebrand Kenmore appliances, you can check them off as they are mentioned. She seems to recognize Kenmore’s iconic history as a great American brand – check. She understands the generational disconnect conundrum in which great brands from one generation can struggle to translate to younger buyers – check. And she acknowledges that this economy provides a tricky launch pad for a rebranding effort – check. However, the most salient question for me is, “How do you not wreck the brand you have now?”

Let’s face it. Rebranding is based on a grass-is-greener mentality. It goes something like this: our brand currently captures a market share equal to X. We feel that the difference between X and 100 percent market share is not addressed by our current brand identity. So, we feel it is worthwhile to change our brand identity in the hopes of capturing as much of that difference as possible. Continue reading



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