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Everything Right Is Wrong Again


They Might Be Giants were right.

Ever look at something that is apparently empirically true, yet still shake your head in disbelief. That’s me – this morning – looking at this article. Continue reading



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Social Media At Work: Evangelism Or Stealth?

When it comes to social media policy in the workplace, more and more companies are deciding to decide. That is, they are finally facing the fact that they might want a policy that deals with the pervasiveness of social media. Regardless of how you feel about it, companies do need a policy. Employees deserve to know what is expected of them. And the policy might as well be not only to allow social media, but to use it as a positive force within the company. Continue reading


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Meet The New Boss. Same As The Old Boss.

A while back I had a cynical take on a survey of Facebook users. This survey made it appear as though noble intentions were the most popular reason to “Like” a brand. Subsequent offline conversations suggested that this kind of consumer behavior was not only true but predictable. The reason? All marketing is relationship marketing and always has been. This brand loyalty check-to-cheek dance was just the logical extension of what we’ve seen in advertising for decades.

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Facebook Users Motives: Pure Or Purely Human?

Facebook has become the darling of the social media marketing set largely based on the size of the audience and the relative cost to advertise to subsets of that audience. Now that Twitter has jumped into the fray with ads, time will tell which model will prevail. But I must say I look suspiciously at the results of studies like this done by the Michigan-based firm Morpace.

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Nestle’s Quick Facebook Debacle

Undoubtedly, much has been and will be written about Nestle’s very public social media gaffe. And that’s how it should be. They screwed up with a spectacular flash of idiocy that would make John Edwards blush. Most of what I’ve seen so far centers on the specifics of what they did wrong. It was a lot of things, and they were very wrong. However, in an attempt to be constructive, I’d like to suggest some guidelines that could have saved them from the heat they are taking now. Here are five rules I believe they (and every company that participates in social media) should follow:

1. Don’t delete comments unless absolutely necessary. Comments have a near sacred place in social media. Editing or deleting them is serious business and should be done only as a last resort. Specific threats or abusive or especially profane language can be good reasons to delete a comment. And even then, many of those are judgment calls. Otherwise, let the community communicate in the space. Policing people who are changing your logo for their profile picture is a lose-lose proposition, as Nestle’s Facebook experience has shown us. Even if you could win a legal battle over copyright infringement, you’ll never take all these people to court; and you end up looking like a bully. Pick your battles. And be sure they are worth fighting in the first place. Continue reading


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