Chevy – Poster Child for Sexism?

What a gorgeous bit is nostalgia from Chevrolet! Or whatever this is trying to be. Especially in tough economic times like these, I like to think about the possible target audiences. Even for a poster, which is not technically advertising.

And since it begs the question, here are some possible responses:

  1. Hell yes! Those were the days. Women really knew their place back then. Nowadays I can hardly get the nurses to bring my meds on time. Because they just don’t understand that when I call them “doll” or “honey” it’s a term of endearment.
  2. Yes. But being a woman, I’m glad that there are things made out of plastic that are designed to do that now. I have better things to do. Like spend the money I got when Henry passed away.
  3. Yes. That’s a good one. And here’s another one. Remember when Polio was killing all those people? And separate water fountains for minorities. Oh, yeah. Good times, right?
  4. No. Because I was born after 1940. By the way, 1959 called. It wants its dignity back.
  5. No. But as a woman, I’d like to thank Chevy for making the choice for my next vehicle easier. Not having to consider Chevrolet should knock 5 minutes or so from my process.
  6. No. But more than that…could you explain to me exactly what you’re promoting here? Nostalgic misogyny? Retro fashion? Rolling back creature comforts in automobiles? I’m confused.

Sure. It’s just a poster. And honestly, I don’t believe there is any grand scheme to turn back the clock on women’s rights going on here. But this is not some internal company prank. You can actually buy the poster. From Chevrolet. And it appeals to a sentiment that will undoubtedly ruffle some feathers.

There is a promotional point to be made here. And certainly an artistic point. And I have nothing against nostalgia for its own sake. But, really. There were other choices for header on this poster. And someone chose this one.

So my question is this: Is making a few bucks and connecting in a “wink, wink…nudge, nudge” way with some casual nostalgic sexism worth angering a large, important and growing demographic for Chevy?



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4 responses to “Chevy – Poster Child for Sexism?

  1. This picture is great, but the title is way controversial. It seems like a potentially dangerous poster to me. How did you find it?

    • I first saw it in response to a post on Twitter. But I’ve been connected to the auto industry in different ways my entire life. So I’m more apt to stop and look at something like this than other topics. I agree that it’s potentially dangerous. I suppose that way my point. It was dangerous, but didn’t need to be. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Title aside, that’s a rad picture. I’m tempted to buy it, but I’m pretty sure I know what my wife would think…

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